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Weddings & Birthdays

Want to make your wedding even more memorable? Have a small ice-cream truck to provide ice-cream for your guests.


Suitable for outdoor and indoor events, we have experience catering to various events both big and small.

If you are looking to spice up your event and make it more special, Rentalorry provides ice cream vans for rental. What better way to help your guest or participants cool off in Singapore’s hot weather. Choose between a wide range of ice-cream or gelato the flavours that you prefer and we will do the necessary preparations. Contact us and provide us with more details!

Common Uses

Wedding Receptions

If you are thinking of spicing up your wedding reception and letting your guests have a little bit more fun, having and ice cream van present at your reception may be just the thing. Just select the brand of ice cream you wish to serve and our vehicles would be able to store them at the appropriate temperature for you. At the same time, the ice cream vans would also be able to play the familiar jingle of the ice cream man to put a smile on your guests’ faces and bring back some good memories

Birthday Parties

To create a little fun at birthday parties, why not have a little corner to serve some ice cream. We have professional staff available to provide this service for you and they would be able to take care of all the preparations required.

Business Purpose

If you are thinking of starting a business selling ice cream, renting instead of buying an ice cream van is normally a better idea. If you want to keep your capital expenditure low, leasing the vehicle is normally a more affordable way of testing out the business idea and concept before you really commit everything. Leasing is more affordable and is one of the most common financing options because you only need to pay a fixed monthly payment for the use of the vehicle without having to worry about the maintenance or insurance for the vehicle. Hence, renting an ice cream van would be a more cost effective and less risky way of starting a business.


Our vehicles are well maintained and serviced by our very own crew of vehicle specialist. They regularly service to vehicle to ensure that they are ready for our client’s use and at the same time they are reliable and do not break down when deployed. We also have a team of professional drivers to help you manage the vans if you are unfamiliar with handling the a vans as they are larger than normal cars. Our drivers have years of experience with manoeuvring the vans and are also trained to handle the equipment on the ice cream van so if you need any help, our drivers would be glad to lend a helping hand.