Our Services

Single Items

House movers moving a single cabinet

We provide moving services for household appliances and single items like plants and pianos. Professional team of movers.

Entire Apartments

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

Our movers will come down to do a site survey so that we can provide the most competitive quotation for your home relocation.

When it comes to shifting house, the prospect of packing and moving of all your possessions from your current home to the new one can be very daunting and challenging. Not to mention the additional hassle brought on by unpacking all your things afterwards. Why trouble yourself when you can have someone to do all that for you? That is where Rentalorry comes in, our house movers are top-notch and will definitely leave you feeling less stressed about your home relocation.

Customer Reviews

I had an excellent experience with Rentalorry! Customer service responded to all my emails right away. The driver was prompt and very helpful. Would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Destin Hodges

Excellent Services and Responsible driver who arrives on time. Thank you:)

Anicia Gan

Easy going and flexible with timing! Everything went smoothly without too much of going back & forth! Thank you for your service, will definitely keep you guys in mind.

Sheyna Shiren

Types of Services

Full Service Movers

For the full service move, our packers will come to your home and expertly organize, wrap and pack all belongings. Boxes will also be properly labeled. If you require, we can also help with the unpacking of your belongings at your new home.

Partial Packs

Partial packs are catered to single room or entire home moves where we will help you to transport your items and help with a little packing and moving.

One Way Transport

For single items or smaller items that can be move easily, the one way transport is one of our cheapest and most popular services. Household appliances that we commonly transport include refrigerators and washing machines. In addition, our movers and packers are also experienced in transporting household furniture like beds, tables, chairs, wardrobes and plants.

Simple Moving & Relocation Tips

Relocation, when not done correctly can become a very stressful experience. Items go missing, precious possessions are damaged and even the costs can balloon out of proportion. We always try our best to make our customers’ moving experience a joyful one. In addition, we can also follow these tips that we have gathered from our years of experience helping thousands of customers.

  • All electrical appliances should be turned off 24 hours before the move, especially the refrigerator
  • Properly label all sides of the boxes so you know exactly what is in each box
  • Bubble wrap precious and fragile items so that they are not damaged while they are being transported

Choosing the Right House Mover

Choosing the right house mover is also a very important part of having a smooth and enjoyable moving process. Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing a home mover:

  • Cost – Getting multiple quotations will ensure that you get a rough estimate of how much it cost for a professional to move the items that you have listed. Always ensure that everything is stated properly in the invoice so that you do not have any unexpected costs.
  • Reviews – Going for the cheapest option my not always be the best choice. Check out the company’s Facebook reviews to find out what customers think of their services and whether they can deliver on their promises.


Efficient & Organized Packing

Our team of professional and highly experienced packers will ensure that all your belongings are sorted out, categorized and packed into specific containers. Proper labeling of boxes and containers will help to keep everything is neat and tidy. This organised approach to packing will help you to save a great deal of time as well as making the unpacking process less troublesome


Worried about moving delicate items? Fret not. All fragile articles such as vases, mirrors and glass furniture will be wrapped in protective film and bubble wrap to ensure that they reach the destination undamaged and intact. Special attention will also be given to antiques as well as jewelry. Such items will be handled by our staff with utmost care. All our trucks come with a safe, reliable and professional driver to tend to all your transport needs.

Professional & Friendly Staff

Shifting house can be a confusing process for some people, especially first timers. Luckily all our staff here at Rentalorry are very knowledgeable and have a wealth of experience in the moving business. They are also friendly, so do feel free to consult them should you have any queries.