17 Best House and Office Movers in Singapore 2019 (Based on Reviews)

Moving house

Imagine this: your BTO just got renovated and it’s time to move in. There are so many movers in Singapore that can help you, but you have no idea which one to engage and zero clue of where to start.

When choosing a mover, keep in mind that there are various factors to be considered such as licenses, insurance coverage, experience, reviews (online and word of mouth) and price. It is vital to think about your priorities before engaging a moving service.

Once you are set on your preferences, take a look at our list of the top home and office moving companies in Singapore ranked based on ratings and reviews!

Why people love Rentalorry:

Exceptional customer service

The team at Rentalorry makes it a point to reply all pre-moving queries within an hour. They are very active on WhatsApp and extremely patient with first-timers’ queries.

Many reviewers have praised the team for their speed and experience in dismantling and assembling bulky furniture that do not fit into lifts. Moreover, rolls of cling wrap are used to carefully wrap your items to prevent any scratches or damages during the move. Should there be any issues or complicated requests, they are able to think on their feet to overcome anything.

Competitive prices

Reasonable prices are one of the most commonly seen comments on Facebook and Google reviews. On top of that, there are many payment options available, e.g. credit card, PayPal and even PayNow. An e-invoice will be provided after the move as well.


6589 8964

Why people love CitiStars:

Great customer service

Many customers have reviewed that CitiStars staff greet them with a smile, which is something that is not seen very often. Their team is also friendly, approachable and work really well together to handle any dismantling, disposal, and packing. The person in charge, Kiev, was specially mentioned as someone who is trustworthy and provides quick replies.

Speedy and professional moves

The team is known for its efficiency, coupled with their cautiousness when transporting items from venue to venue. This has seen to many return customers and a high review rating on both Google and Facebook.


9876 7612

Why people love SuperStar Mover:

Budget-friendly rates

With the many moving companies in Singapore, those that offer better rates tend to stand out more. SuperStar Mover does just that as they value customers that engage their high-quality services.

Positive attitude

Throughout the project, the team keeps their spirits up no matter the circumstances and requests. They go out of their way to rectify any obstacles while still maintaining their friendliness and speed.


6284 1015


Based on 0 Facebook review.

Why people love SIR Move Services:

Expert in international moves

Throughout their years of operation, SIR Move Services has done numerous international moves to and from countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Every customer that has engaged them is highly satisfied with the services they have offered.


The staff is extremely accommodating to any requests from clients that would contribute to a hassle-free move. As a result, they have gained the trust of many, earning a number of loyal clients.


6534 7345

Why people love Phoenix Mover:


Moving is always a stressful process, which is why having a mover that is meticulous will greatly contribute to a hassle-free process. Phoenix Mover has been highly reviewed to be punctual and conscientious before, during and after the entire moving procedure.

Cindy has been specified to have provided great customer service as she puts in tremendous effort to build a personal relationship with customers.

Affordable prices

Given the quality service that Phoenix Mover provides, the prices that have been quoted are very reasonable.


6316 1631

Why people love WeCAN Movers:

Lowest prices

WeCAN Movers’ services is guaranteed to fit your budget as they offer the lowest prices in the market. Their wide network allows them to quote competitive rates for all valued clients.

High-quality services

Their moving services come with dismantling, disposal and reassembling of furniture. Furthermore, they use the best materials to safeguard your treasured belongings during the move and have been known to complete projects in a jiff.

9379 1983


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Why people love The Lorry:

Punctual and efficient

Customers have quoted the team’s punctuality and efficiency as one of the main reasons for their satisfactory experiences. The Lorry promises to not only provide you with a team of reliable movers, they also complete moves quickly and smoothly.

Extremely low prices

When it comes to quotations, transparent pricing is greatly appreciated by The Lorry’s customers. There will definitely be low prices and no hidden costs for their services.


3138 9164

Why people love Shalom International Movers:

Experienced and professional

Shalom Movers has been around since 1982, earning the status as one of the pioneers in the moving industry. Their clientele includes government ministries, statutory boards and community centres, all of which have sung high praises of Shalom’s services.


Even when the weather is not in their favour, the team manages to keep a positive attitude and completes the task at hand. One of the customers even mentioned that when the deadline was nearing, reinforcements were assigned to aid them in the prompt completion of the move.


6287 6117

Why people love KNT Movers:


With KNT Movers, you can rely on them to provide quality services as they are trustworthy and very on the ball. All furniture will be dismantled, packed and reassembled speedily without any damages to the furniture or property.

Reasonably priced

After making comparisons with some other moving companies, most clients have decided to engage KNT Movers not only because of their friendliness, but also because of their reasonably quoted prices as well.


6747 6636

Why people love Xpress Movers:

Well-coordinated moves

Multiple customers have highlighted that Xpress Movers is capable of coordinating a smooth moving procedure. The professionalism displayed by the team reassures each client of the quality of their services.

Easy-going and competent movers

On top of that, all of their staff are very smiley and approachable during the entire move. They never fail to maintain a positive attitude as they complete the tasks of each project productively.


6957 1400

Why people love Elite Movers:

Great communication

The team is known to be professional and responsive during the moving process. They are also able to deliver any packing requests as instructed by the client with ease.

In the event of any hiccups (through no fault of theirs), they have been able to resolve it effectively while providing constant updates to the client.

Transparency and affordable rates

Many customers have feedbacked that Elite Movers was transparent about breaking down the charges and that no additional hidden fees were charged. Moreover, they provide competitive rates as compared to other moving companies in Singapore.


6242 4886

Why people love 138 Prof Movers:

Low prices

Most people engage 138 Prof Movers because of the low price point – one of the customers even mentioned that their services are “a few hundred dollars cheaper”.

Efficient team

They have a capable team of packers who are known to move everything efficiently from one venue to another. A rack for hanging clothes was also provided so that clients need not re-iron their clothing after repacking. Little details like these made the whole moving process very memorable for each client.


6260 5603


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Why people love Geometra Worldwide Movers:

Seamless process

From the free site survey to the end of the move, the timely coordination shown by the staff at Geometra greatly impressed many customers.

Deliver as promised

All workers will arrive at the scheduled address punctually, with the right equipment to aid the move. Packing, transporting and unpacking are done swiftly, and the reassembling of furniture will be expedited as well.


6841 7880


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Why people love Zealous Mover:

Customisable services

Zealous Mover is dedicated to customising their moving services to suit your exact needs as they recognise that every project is unique. This way, your move can be completed in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Personal relationship with customers

On top of offering remarkable services, the team also makes it a point to build long-lasting and personal relationships with their clientele. These strong bonds have allowed them to gain many return customers.


6245 7727

Why people love M&P International Freights:

Huge range of services

Most movers provide the basic moving and storage services, but M&P also does international moves and shipping services. They have a huge warehouse with their own huge fleet of vehicles to handle any project you throw at them.

Extremely superb service 

From the reviews, it seemed like M&P has a huge sales team who provides excellcent service for all types of customers, no matter the size of your move. They seem to be able to settle everything from small parcels to huge shipments, making them a one stop solution for all logistic needs.

Perfect  5 star reviews

It seems like M&P is the only movers in Singapore that has perfect reviews from all their customers and this is definitely one of their most differentiated point!


6221 2218


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Why people love Cheapest Mover SG:

Prompt updates

Once you have confirmed your booking, you will receive a confirmation call and email from the administration team. They are knowledgeable, quick to respond and will be able to attend to your queries accurately. You will also get prompt updates before and during the process.

Great team to work with

Cheapest Mover SG has been praised to be well-mannered and friendly during the move. They will not hesitate to extend their help wherever needed. Despite taking on additional requests, they still manage to complete all projects efficiently and to the best of their abilities.

9079 3797


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Why people love Tat Seng Machine Movers:

  Experienced staff

Tat Seng Machine Movers has had over three decades of experience providing a range of services. This accounts for the attentiveness and skilfulness of their committed staff.

 Multiple certifications

This company is notably certified by the Ministry of Manpower in their equipment handling and workplace safety. Furthermore, they have achieved a BizSAFE certification, guaranteeing you top-notch service quality when working with them.


6287 0892

Moving Services In Singapore

Despite the abundant number of movers in Singapore, each company has their own unique selling point and differing qualities of customer service to offer. As long as you are sure of your needs and have done your research, moving will definitely be hassle-free!

To ease the process further, have a look at some moving tips from professional organisation gurus and useful tips to save costs for your next office move.

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