Boxes and boxes of heavy furniture to move

Don’t hurt your back moving the heavy furniture, let our heavy furniture movers handle all these for you.

Heavy furniture can range from sofas, to beds to heavy wardrobes, and it can be a mean feat to move such furniture on your own without a professional moving service. Here at Rentalorry, we are specialists in this field of heavy furniture movers, and we are focused on ensuring that your heavy furniture gets moved to your new home or office, in the most safe and efficient way possible. Drop us a call or email our friendly consultants if you have any queries, we would be glad to assist you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We had a set of heavy rosewood chairs and we wanted to move it to our new home. The chairs are not that expensive but they have been with my family for a long time. The movers from Rentalorry were really friendly and professional, they wrapped everything up nicely and brought it to our new home. Would recommend their services to everyone.

Gong Yao

We were moving to a new place and have already transported all the smaller boxes. We needed professional movers to help us with the heavy items like the fridge and oven. Their quotation was fairly priced and Charlotte was really helpful over the phone. The movers were punctual on the actual moving day and everything was done very quickly. Thanks!


Why Heavy Furniture Movers

High Quality Moving

We offer a world-class standard moving service for your heavy furniture, and for each type of furniture, we offer a specific, careful packing and moving procedure. Very often, what our quality movers do is to wrap the items with a blanket and then cover it with stretch film so that the items are properly protected. Doing so, we are able to ensure that your furniture remains in tip top condition.

Reasonable Prices

For such a high standard of quality that we assure, our prices are definitely very competitive in the market. In fact, our furniture movers offer one of the most affordable heavy furniture moving services in town.

Efficient Moving

Not only can you be assured of our high quality services, our heavy furniture movers are trained and very experienced in the whole skill of furniture moving. For example, instead of lifting the furniture, we have the proper equipment to slide your furniture around. We also provide them with the best equipment, including good wrapping, screwdrivers, and other equipment so that they can handle your heavy furniture in the fastest way possible. You can be assured that the whole moving process will be a hassle-free, and fast process.

Tips To Move Heavy Furniture

  • Hold Top and Bottom – Tall items such as cabinets and wardrobes should be handled by two people. Tip the item at an angle and have someone carry the top while the other person carries the bottom. This keeps the centre of gravity lower allowing by easier handling and it also makes going up or down the stairs easier.
  • Sofas On Ends – Long sofas can be hard to fit through a doorway if you carry it horizontally. Instead, try standing the sofa on its end and hook it around the door. This will allow the sofa to clear the doorway easily.
  • Protect Furniture With Blankets & Plastic – Moving blankets are invaluable items that you must have in your moving process. They can prevent damages to fragile items and even protect your furniture from scratches and dents. Wrap your furniture with the moving blanket and use the plastic cling wraps to secure the moving blankets so that they do not slip off when moving.


Whether you require heavy furniture movers or small furniture movers, Rentalorry has professional movers and packers that can get the job done for you efficiently and effectively. Instead of taking the risk and damaging your furniture, or worse, hurting your back, let our heavy furniture movers take care of everything for you. We have years of experience in the moving industry and we are confident of doing a good job for you. Drop us an email or give us a call to make a booking today!