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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of vans available for rental

Need the van only for half a day? We provide half day van rental and hourly van rental services at extremely affordable rates!

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Don’t have the right license to drive a van? Our friendly drivers are familiar with both the roads in Singapore and Malaysia!

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Suited for quick and simple moves, our professional movers will be there to assist you and make your relocation a breeze.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Need to make some quick deliveries in half a day? Our team of delivery vans can probably save you some time.

A half day van rental is able to assist you whether you opt to move your house, buy new furniture, need a van for airport transportation or for your travel endeavors. With the different types of vans we have at Rentalorry, we have got the ideal vehicle at a competitive price that is perfect for you. Van hires do not  need to be expensive at all since sometimes even the affordable ones can effectively respond to your needs as long as you know what sort of vehicle you require.

Renting the van for a whole day may sometimes be inadequate as there are instances that you only need the vehicle for half day transportation and short travelling purposes. Even if you simply need a small furniture to be delivered, you do not need the entire day to do so. Well, you need not to be bothered anymore since our company is pleased to provide our half day rental services to all the people who are in need of our vehicles.

Uses & Benefits

Cost Efficient

With our services, you are given the chance to get hold of the best and most reliable vans without worrying much about the money or budget that you are going to spend. With our half day van rental services, people can use their money more wisely because they no longer need to pay for services and extra hours which they do not require. This is very essential since they can save their money as compared to a whole day rental services which may cost substantially more.

Safe Means Of Transporting Cargo

Our vans are fully equipped with features to secure cargo so that the are not damaged along the way. Certain times, our personal vehicles may not be adequate to properly transport heavier goods, if we force them into our vehicle, this may damage the vehicle or cargo.

Passenger Transport

Aside from the cargo vans, our larger vans can also be used to ferry people around Singapore be it for a little tour around our island or even for a short trip to Malaysia. The van rentals provide a more efficient and cost effective means of transportation as compared to renting multiple cars to cater to larger groups.


Our half day van rental services can effectively respond to the needs of the people particularly if they just aim to make use of a vehicle for short transportation purposes only. Since limited time will be given to you for this sort of rentals, make sure you have your trip all planned out so that you can maximize the use of the van. Some other benefits of using Rentalorry’s services include:

  • Competitive Pricing – We have one of the most competitively priced vans in Singapore and that is why our client base has been increasing since Rentalorry first started out. In addition, we give premium services for the same rental rates so our customers keep coming back to us because of this.
  • Wide Range of Vehicles – Aside from the typical cargo or passenger vans stated above, we also have vans which are more unique or have certain specifications which you may require e.g. wheelchair van rental. These vans are also under the half day rental schemes as well. However, demand for these vehicles are high during certain periods so you have to book early so as not to be disappointed.