Everything packed into boxes and ready to be transported

The most stress-free and pain-free way to move to your new place. Rentalorry’s full service movers can handle both home and office relocation. Contact us now for more information!

If you have a big moving project and can’t find the right movers, look no further than Rentalorry! Our well-seasoned team of movers are fully equipped for large-scaled moves such as these! Commonly used to move from old houses to a new ones, our full service movers are also more than ready to take on other big moving projects such as office moves as well! A full service mover also means that we will take responsibility for your relocation the minute you call. Our job will only be done when all your belongings are safely delivered, unpacked and placed where you want it to be. Save your from the strain and pain, let our full service movers take care of all the planning and moving for you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

The movers from Rentalorry packed everything so nicely and neatly and brought them to our new place. We unpacked fairly quickly because everything was so organized and we didn’t have a hard time finding our things.

Aisyah Aziz

Me and my husband are quite old so we need help with moving some of our heavy furniture. The movers from Rentalorry were very careful in moving and cabinets and cupboards and took great care not to damage them. Would like to thank them for their service.


Full Service Movers At Work

Packing And Labeling

Rentalorry’s movers make your moving easy by helping you organize your items into boxes with proper labeling so that you can easily unpack at your new place. A team member will also properly document the boxes and inventory so that we can track your inventory and bring you peace of mind while we transport your belongings.


Our professional movers help you load and unload your items onto the truck so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting! We have trucks of different sizes available so we can definitely find something to cater to your needs.

Unloading and Unpacking

After carefully moving all your goods, our movers can help you to carefully unload and unpack all your goods for you. Simply tell us where you want your furniture and boxes to go and we will place them at the appropriate positions for you. Do have a plan for where you want to place your furniture so that we can do it quickly and efficiently for you.

Related Services

Aside from the full service movers, we can also provide more simple and trusted moving services as well as just the transportation alone. No matter what services you require, Rentalorry is definitely able to cater to your needs and we will definitely do our best to assist you. This is because we understand that moving can be tiring and troublesome and we want to provide reliable moving services to everyone who needs it.