Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

The food trucks have stainless steel interiors that are approved by NEA and AVA and suitable for the transportation of food.

Delivery Service

We have normal food trucks and refrigerated trucks that are capable of making deliveries all around Singapore.

Looking to start a food delivery business but don’t wish to invest so much in a vehicle? Tired of having to look for sufficient drivers to complete your daily deliveries and manage the entire logistics process. Rentalorry’s food truck rental services might just be the solution for you. We provide one of the most competitive rates for leasing packages in Singapore and we can also settle all the necessary government certifications for you. Contact us to get a quote now!

Available Services

Through our partnerships with various companies across Singapore, we have access to a wide variety of drivers and vehicles. This comprehensive network provides us with the ability to deliver fast and efficient services.

  •  Vehicle Rentals  From stainless steel vans that have the entire interior clad in stainless steel (including the sides and backdoor) to refrigerated vans that are able to store cold food. Select from Rentalorry’s wide range of vehicles the one that best suits your needs.
  • One Way Delivery  For simple one way trips, we provide one of the lowest rates in Singapore. For a quick and free quotation of the prices, leave us a message with the pick up and drop off postal code and our system will calculate the rates right away!
  • Contract Deliveries  For longer term delivery services, our consultants will normally need quite a few more details. Depending on the frequency of deliveries, delivery location and timings of deliveries, our consultants will try to provide you with a quotation that is within your budget.

Choosing Rentalorry

Low Prices

With our wide network of vehicles and drivers, we are able to compare prices across the industry and also make use of economies of scale to provide a competitive and cost effective rate for our clients. Our one way deliveries are definitely one of the most cost effective delivery solutions around.

Excellent Service

We ensure that are drivers and customer service officers are well trained and well equipped to assist you and handle any queries that you may have. At the same time, we understand that the delivery business is a 24/7 business and that is why we have service officers always ready to handle any problems that you may be facing.

Alternative Vehicles

If you feel that the food truck is too large and you require something smaller. We also have smaller catering vans for rent. Similar to the food trucks, these vans are AVA and NEA approved and are suitable for the transportation of food around Singapore.