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Vehicle Rentals

Flatbed trucks available for long term rental

Looking to rent a flatbed truck over a short term or long term period? We have flexible leasing packages available.

Transport Service

Specially used for the transportation of large cargo

Transporting some extra heavy cargo? We have arrange for a transport service using our own flatbed trucks.

The flatbed truck rental service is especially useful for customers who have a large and heavy cargo that is not vulnerable to the rain. Because the loading area does not have any sides or roof, the flatbed truck is mainly used to carry heavy cargo that is not vulnerable to rain. It is commonly used to ferry construction materials or oddly shaped cargo.

Features & Benefits

More Space Than A Closed Body

With no sides or roof, the body of the truck is totally flat and this allows for quick and easy loading of bulky items and equipment which cannot easily fit into a normal truck. Especially useful for the loading of heavy duty construction equipment and machinery or abnormally shaped loads. Be careful though that this form of transportation is not suitable for equipment that are vulnerable to rain.

Heavy Duty Transportation

The high tonnage of heavy duty trucks allows for the transportation of heavier equipment. In addition, the beds come with steady straps and curbside cargo hold-down systems to properly secure your cargo.


Rentalorry understands that everyone has different needs so be rest assured that we will try our best to assist you. We have a range of vehicles to choose from, from the simple flatbed trucks to expandable drop deck trucks, we are certain that you will be able to find something to meet your transportation requirements.

Due to the nature of these vehicles, drivers are required to have a class 4 or 5 license to pilot these vehicles. As such, we also provide licensed and qualified driver to transport your goods which we ensure will be delivered safely to your destination.

We also provide these vehicles at affordable, reasonable rates and we offer one of the most competitive prices in Singapore. Our long term rentals are a cost efficient means of transportation but we also provide short term rentals and one way transport as well. Hence, look no further and contact us today for more information!