RentALorry specializes in providing you the best vans and lorries at affordable prices. We offer an impressive fleet of Fiat vans to meet your business motoring needs, and to keep you and your business moving forward. Fiat is one of the largest automobile manufacturers in Italy, and they go by their tagline ‘Italian style, universal appeal’.

Fiat Vans

[acc_item title=”Internationally Renowned for Quality Excellence”]Fiat is widely known for manufacturing one of the best vans in the automobile industry. It has great performance and simple yet creative design, allowing you better performance and increased productivity. In fact, Fiat has won many international awards over the years, such as the Van of the Year awars for their Doblo Cargo in 2011.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Wide Range of Fiat Vans”]Fiat offers a very wide range of vans that we as the suppliers are able to bring in. These range from the Fiorino, Doblo, Grande Punto, Scudo and Ducato. All of them have different, unique characteristics that each have something to offer.[/acc_item]
[acc_item title=”Sturdy and Durable”]Fiat specializes in its Italian design that combines creativity and productivity. It is very well-known for its uniqueness and high performance, and is a great asset to have as a companion for your business needs.[/acc_item]
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Leasing Services

Leasing from RentALorry comes with numerous benefits, here are just a few that keep our customers coming back.

[toggle_item title=”Lowest Rates in Town” active=”true”]Being one of the largest leasing companies in Singapore, we are able to provide one of the lowest rates in town. Don’t believe us? Do you own comparison and you will soon find out that not only do we provide one of the lowest rates, we also carry the best benefits for you.[/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Maintenance Fees and Repairs” active=”true”]Leasing from RentALorry provides you a piece of mind because all the additional expenses are taken care of. You only need to consider the monthly leasing payments and there will be no additional surprises.[/toggle_item]