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Fleet Of White Passenger Vans

Rent the entire passenger van for a family getaway over the weekend if a car is not big enough for your group.

Transportation Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Our friendly drivers will do the driving so you don’t have to worry getting lost on unfamiliar roads and highways.

A van rental service is the best service to help transport a large number of people from one place to another. It is also an ideal service for the families who want to go on a long road trip or even a weekend getaway. No matter what size the group you are travelling in, we have a wide variety of vans that can cater to any group size.

Customer Reviews

The van that we rented was cleaned and looked new. Didn’t give us any problems.

Cheryl Koh

We rented a van to travel to Malacca for a day. Driver was friendly and helpful. Thanks.

Koh Bee

Uses & Benefits

Elderly and Child Friendly

If you are travelling with elderly or children, it may sometimes be a better idea to get your own private transport. Not only can you avoid the peak hour crowds, you will also be able to visit places that are not so accessible by public transport.

More Interaction

Traveling in a group is a great enjoyment. But to truly experience the joy of travelling with a big group and bonding with each other, the transport needs to be big enough so that everyone can have fun together. In this case, the family van rental service will be perfect choice for you. Aside from the benefits of being able to bond, sing and travel on the van together, renting a van provides you with various advantages including flexibility, greater comfort for touring and also attending family events and functions.


Hiring a van is also cheaper and more affordable than hiring a private transport services like Uber or Grabcar. Our vans at Rentalorry can accommodate from 7 to 15 passengers and of course, depending on the amount of baggage that each person is carrying, we can find the right size van to suit your needs.


If you plan to hire a travel van to Malaysia, for example up to Malacca or Penang, we also have highly experienced drivers who can bring you around the beautiful city to let you see the sights and sounds of Malaysia. Depending on your itinerary, our drivers can bring you around the taste the famous local delicacies or even attractions and scenery that are off the beaten track. With a family van and a driver, you will be able to appreciate the scenic view more and not need by so concerned about the traffic or directions because we can take care of that for you. However, if you wish to do all the driving yourself, we can also equip your van with a GPS navigation system to allow you to move around Malaysia more easily.

At Rentalorry, we care for our clients and want them to get the best. And because we are able to manage our fleet of vehicles very efficiently, our rental rates are one of the most competitive in Singapore. Depending on the season of rental and the size of the vehicle which you wish to rent, our rates will vary. Call us now to find out more about our services and rates.