Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Pick from our wide range of vehicles the best one to fit your needs. Short term and long term packages available.

Ad Hoc Transport

Require a truck to make a one way delivery? We have a fleet of trucks ready to assist you. Contact us to make a booking!

Contract Deliveries

For longer term deliveries, make an appointment with us so that we can understand your delivery requirements.

Starting up a business and need a delivery truck? Rentalorry‘s delivery truck rental services are able to help you transport your merchandise, materials or equipment for commercial or individual purposes. Choose from our wide range of services the right one to fit your needs. Even if you simply need a vehicle to aid you in your moving items from location to location, we have the perfect service for you.

Delivery Truck Services

Ad Hoc or Contract

Because of the large fleet of vehicles and large number of partnerships we have, we are capable of performing both ad hoc and contract delivery jobs based on what you require. As compared to running your own logistics operations, you do not need to worry if you vehicle breaks down or if your driver is suddenly unwell as we can easily find a replacement for you to carry out your delivery requests.

Vehicle Rentals

From refrigerated trucks to cargo trucks, Rentalorry has a wide range of trucks that are suitable to carry out deliveries. Depending on the type of cargo that you intend to deliver, our staff will recommend the right truck to suit your needs.

Features & Benefits

Large Capacity

Trucks, being generally bigger than cars or vans, have a larger loading or holding capacity and can fit larger merchandise or objects, or simply more of your merchandise or equipment at a go. Deliveries can thus be made more convenient and efficient with a truck and it also saves time, effort and money spent for fuel.

Safer Mode of Transportation

For every delivery, the mode of transport if always important. With our trucks, we are able to properly secure your cargo and we also have cargo barriers to ensure that the shipment is not thrown around on the journey.


Reliable Vehicles & Stuff

All of Rentalorry‘s vehicles undergo thorough and regular maintenance and servicing to ensure that our clients rent only reliable vehicles of good quality. Should you require a driver for the trucks, know that our staff are all professionally trained and well-equipped in driving, navigating and communication skills to provide clients a comfortable experience with us.

Good Customer Service

Rentalorry prides itself on providing only the best customer service for all our clients, existing and potential alike. We will gladly assist you with anything that you need, whether you require more information about our vehicles or rental systems, suggestions, or simply to answer your queries. Do not hesitate to contact us about any of the above and be sure that we will get back to you as soon as possible.