Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Require a team of delivery contractors to assist you with your deliveries, our fleet at Rentalorry may be just what you need.

With the recent squeeze on manpower, companies are finding it harder than ever to find qualified and experienced drivers. In addition, the rising COE prices are also make it challenging to purchase brand new lorries or vans to meet delivery needs. At Rentalorry, we help to ease this problem with our delivery contractor services. We help easing companies logistical and delivery problems by utilizing our very own fleet of drivers and vehicles.

Key Benefits

Lower Cost

With our larger pool of drivers, we are able to provide our customers with lower and more competitive rates for our delivery services. By pooling together these contractor jobs, we are able to fully maximize the time on the road and this normally translates into lower cost for our customers.

Professional Planning

When you only have one contract driver, you will worry if the vehicle breaks down or if your driver is on MC. At Rentalorry, with our large network or drivers, we are able to take care of any unforeseen events quickly and promptly so you do not need to worry that your items are not delivered on time.

Large Range Of Vehicles

With our large range of vehicles, we are also able to cater to varying needs. During peak season, we understand that some companies may have more items to deliver, that is why we have in our fleet, 10ft lorries, 14ft lorries and even lorry cranes. It will be costly to have each and every vehicle in your fleet, especially if your vehicles are not fully utilized and that is why people choose to use our delivery contractor services.