Our Services

Cargo Vans

Fleet of vans available for rental

Used for the transportation of small and lightweight cargo, the cargo vans can easily weave through traffic to get to your destination quickly and efficiently.

Passenger Vans

Passenger Van Transport Service

Intending to provide your own transportation or shuttle service? These passenger vans come in various sizes so that you can cater to different group sizes.

Catering Vans

Fitted with stainless steel, the catering vans are AVA and NEA approved and suitable for the transportation of food.

Refrigerated Vans

The refrigerated vans are built specially to transport chilled and frozen food. The temperatures of the trucks can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Commercial vans from Rentalorry are catered towards clients who want to require more unique services. These vans are specially fitted with unique equipment to serve different purposes. From stainless steels loading areas to refrigeration units, we have the appropriate vehicles to meet all your needs.

Special Purpose Commercial Vans

Catering Van Rentals

For the transportation of food, the catering van rental service is able to transport your food in the trays or containers safely to your destination. For even more specialized uses like cooking on the van for events and roadshows, the vans can be specially fitted with the equipment. These vans are suitable for both short-term and long-term leasing contracts and our team will settle the necessary permits and paperwork for you.

Chiller Van Rentals

The chiller vans rental service are use more frequently for the transportation of more temperature sensitive food items like ice creams, ice or cakes. The compartments can also be separated if you wish to keep your food items separated.

Ice Cream Van Rental

A smaller version of the refrigerated trucks, the ice cream van rental service are made just to transport ice creams and for you to sell them on the spot. Some of the vans also come with the horns to sound the famous and familiar ice cream jingles.



We have very customizable rental packages for our commercial vans which we try to tailor to fit our customers varying needs. From van rentals for a few hours to van rentals for a week, we have a wide variety of packages for you to choose from. This makes it more convenient for our customers to rent our vehicles.


Because we have one of the largest fleet of vehicles in Singapore, we utilize economies of scale to provide cheap rentals for our customers. This provides value for our clients and reduces their transportation expenses encouraging them to continue renting with us.


Our vans are regularly maintained by our own group of staff and so they manage the servicing schedule of the vans. During these servicing, the vans will be cleaned and maintained so that they are reliable on the road and comfortable to travel in as well.

When you use our commercial vans to support your business needs, you will do so in confidence because Rentalorry will give you a good, reliable and well maintained vehicle that will not break down half way during your trip. In the event that anything does happen, we also provide a hotline for our clients to contact us if anything goes wrong or if they need any assistance.