Looking for the best Commercial Van Leasing company in Singapore? Then RentALorry should definitely be your top choice. With our unbelievably low rates and premium leasing packages and services that we offer, you  will definitely be able to find a commercial van to meet your needs.

Types of Van Available

[toggle_item title=”Cargo Vans” active=”true”]Cargo vans are commonly used for goods transportation around Singapore because of their low leasing costs as well as cheap fuel. RentALorry has a diverse range of cargo vans available under the Commercial Van Leasing packages. [/toggle_item]
[toggle_item title=”Passenger Vans” active=”true”]Mainly for passenger transport, these vans are commonly used to provide shuttle services by companies. RentALorry has an extensive range of passenger vans that are suitable for a different number of people. From 8 seater vans to 15 seater vans, the different sized models are available from the various manufacturers.[/toggle_item]

Features and Benefits of Leasing

Leasing offers a opportunity for companies to expand their fleet of vehicles without the need for a large initial investment. Unlike buying a vehicle, leasing involves only a fixed monthly leasing fee which is definitely better for companies with tight cashflow. In addition, because the maintenance and servicing expenses will be taken care of by RentALorry, companies need not worry about unforeseen costs.


RentALorry is one of the leading Commercial Van Leasing companies in Singapore. With our flexible leasing packages, we are able to provide extremely competitive rates and that is why our customers continue to choose to work with us.