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Vehicle Rentals

Big commercial truck traveling on road

Looking for a commercial truck rental service? Rentalorry has cheap and affordable leasing packages available.

Looking to rent a vehicle whether it is for an event, transport, moving of furniture or materials, or even people from or to different locations for business purposes? Learn more about commercial trucks and the variety that we carry here at Rentalorry and it may just suit your needs!

Commercial Trucks & Types

The term commercial trucks is an umbrella term for all types of work trucks that are used for business purposes. These work trucks run from light to heavy duty trucks and vary greatly in terms of size and specs as well as their purported uses, such as vacuum trucks or water trucks.

Knowing the purpose for the commercial truck you need to rent is the first step for an easy rental process and partnership with us. For more information on the specific type of work trucks that we carry, do refer to their specific tabs, or contact us with your queries.


Large Fleet and Variety of Trucks Available

Here at Rentalorry, we carry one of the largest fleets of rental vehicles in Singapore so as to ensure that each and every client can find a vehicle that fits their needs perfectly. As we understand that even clients who may need to rent a vehicle for similar purposes may require vehicles of different sizes, for many of types of trucks, we do have light to heavy duty ones available.

Reliable Vehicles At Affordable Prices

All our vehicles undergo thorough and regular servicing so as to provide our clients with reliable and quality vehicles that will not fail them while in their hands. Not only that, Rentalorry prices its rental rates on the cheaper side of the rental market, without compromising on the quality of vehicles. This allows its clients to thus enjoy an affordable and comfortable rental experience.

Good Customer Service

Rentalorry prides itself on providing only the best customer service for all our clients, potential and existing alike. Whether it is for a short or long term purpose, leasing a vehicle from us will only benefit you, as our staff will provide you with high quality customer service and commitment, and assist you in any way they can regarding rental matters. If you need more information about the vehicles that we carry or our rental fees and systems, do not hesitate to contact our customer service staff and we will get back to you as soon as possible.