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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

From cargo vans to passenger vans, Rentalorry provides one of the cheapest van rentals in Singapore.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need cheap movers with your van rentals? We can provide a crew to assist you with the packing and moving.

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

We provide affordable services to assist you with your cargo deliveries. Available for ad hoc and contract jobs.

Are you searching for the cheapest van rentals in town? If yes, Rentalorry is here to provide a one stop portal to rent any vehicle that you may require. Our super low cost van rentals could be one of the best means of meeting your transportation needs if your personal car is just not suitable for the job. If you are unsure which service can best support your needs, just drop us an email and we would be glad to assist you.

Key Benefits

Reduce Need For Multiple Vehicles

Being able to transport from 7 up to 15 passengers reduces the need for your to hire multiple vehicles when handling larger groups of people. Having lesser vehicles makes it easier to travel around in a convoy so you do not have to wait for each and every vehicle at every junction.

More Cost Effective

Plenty of time and money saved when travelling in a group because the cost of the van rental is split amongst the many people that are travelling together. This will allow you save on your transportation expense and get to spend more on some other places if you are travelling and out to have some fun. Instead of using a car to make multiple trips a cargo van rental service may be sufficient to complete the job in one trip

Plan You Own Itinerary

With the cheap passenger van rental service, you have the flexibility to decide your own itinerary when travelling. So instead of restricting your plans to the schedule of the public transport or shuttle timings, our cheapest van rental will definitely make your trip a more enjoyable one.

Space For Belongings

Our vehicles have sufficient space for luggage and baggage so that the passengers can travel in comfort without having to squeeze with all their belongings on the journey. In addition, the luggage are easily accessible as well just in case you need to get some items from your bad along the way.

Service Highlights

  • Flexible and Customizable Rental Packages  Clients have the flexibility and freedom to choose the features and services they wish to have with their van rental. Be it rentals for short periods of time or long term contract hires, we have a variety of rental schemes to choose from. Let us know what are your plans and we will then advice on the budget and see whether they can be matched.
  • Safe and Reliable Vehicles  Although we offer the cheapest van rentals, we do not compromise our service standards. We aim to match our lowest prices with the highest possible possible service standards. As such, our vans are equipped with the latest equipment and technology. We constantly renew our fleet of vehicles to keep the average age of the vans low as well to ensure their reliability. In addition to that, they are regularly serviced to ensure their reliability on the road.
  • Drivers for Hire – If you are unfamiliar with the roads in Singapore and or handling a van, we also have van rentals with drivers. Our experienced and friendly drivers for hire that will be able to bring you around Singapore or just transport you from the airport home.

Other Alternatives

Contact us now to book your very own passenger van or cargo van! As we are one of the largest rental agencies in Singapore, we have various partners all over the island so you can easily pick up your van at any location that is convenient for you. You no longer have to search through the entire internet to pick the cheapest rental because our one stop portal will do that for you.