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Looking for the cheapest truck rental in Singapore? We may have what you require, contact us now!

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

On top of cheap truck rentals, we also have cheap movers ready to help and assist you!

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

We also provide cheap delivery and transportation services for our customers.

At Rentalorry, we have one of the cheapest truck rental you can find in Singapore. And rest assure, even with our low prices, we have one of the most reliable  services around as well. No matter whether you are looking for a mover service, vehicle rental service or transport service, you can find them all here at cheap and affordable rates.

Why Are We One Of The Cheapest

Being one of the largest commercial vehicle rental agencies, we have established partnerships with many companies that allow us to have a large pool of trucks. Our company is a one stop portal to finding a vehicle to suit the services that you need, be it to move furniture across homes or for delivery services to different locations. With the wide variety of moving trucks that we have, you can pick the cheapest rate that will serve your purposes.  What you pay is what you get, and there is no additional cost in the form of road tax or insurance premiums.

There are flexible rental packages as well, depending on what you need. You can rent the truck for a day or even more, and you can choose the pickup location of the vehicle. If you are not confident of driving the truck, you can request for a driver who will drive the vehicle to and fro the locations you require. Those mentioned above are just an example of how flexible our rental packages are. You can include any other possible requests that you may require and we will definitely try to accommodate them. The availability of these options will allow you to choose the truck and package that will best suit your needs. These flexible packages, our wide fleet of vehicles and no additional hidden costs allow us to offer you extremely competitive prices, if not the cheapest price that can be found in Singapore.

What Kind Of Service Do We Offer

We have different trucks for hire, be it for commercial or personal purposes. For individuals, we have light trucks and small moving trucks that will be suitable for the moving of furniture or the delivery of equipment.

For commercial purposes, we also have trucks that can be used for the transport of event equipment such as exhibition pieces. Fear not if you have a very large amount of equipment, we have trucks of varying sizes and there will definitely be one to suit your needs.

We also have truck cranes that can be used to move cargo as well, if you are looking for a vehicle to move your bulky items or cargo. We will definitely provide you with a qualified driver for these heavy trucks and they will ensure that your cargo and equipment are in safe hands with their expertise and cautious driving.

If you want to see for yourself what are the prices for the cheapest truck rental services, drop us an email or give us a call. With all the necessary information, we will then be able to provide you with a competitive and value for money quotation