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Looking for the cheapest pickup tuck rentals services in Singapore? Then your search ends here. Rentalorry offers one of the most competitive pickup truck rental rates in Singapore and also one of the best services you can find in town.

How Are We Able To Provide The Cheapest Pickup Truck Rentals

  • We offer highly customizable and flexible rental packages that allows you to choose your rental period, the type of vehicle you require and even whether you want a driver or not. As this packages are tailored just to suit your needs, you only pay for what you require and no budget is wasted on unnecessary services.
  • We have one of the largest fleets of commercial vehicles for rental in Singapore and because we make use of the large economies of scale, we are able to support these demands for pickup trucks rentals.

Points To Consider

However, will all the competition out there, sometimes it may really be hard to determine whether you are getting value for your money. Here are just some pointers for you to take note when choosing a cost effective pickup rental company.

Disreputable Companies

Some companies may promise you the moon and the stars, but when it comes to renting your vehicle, something always seem to go wrong. Not being able to contact the customer service staff, having vehicles that are not reliable and breakdown along the way, or not having the vehicle show up at all. Make sure you get the pickup truck from a reliable company so that your plans will not be ruined. At Rentalorry, we believe in putting our customers first and making sure that their needs comes first. This helps to make their rental experience a more smooth and enjoyable one.

Hidden Costs

”When it is too good to be true, it often isn’t.” Be sure to check exactly what the prices entail. Have they included GST? Have the insurance charges been included in the cost? Always make sure you check what the services include before choosing a company. You would not want to rent a vehicle thinking that you got it at a steal and subsequently see the prices balloon because you have to pay for other add-ons.

Vehicle Cleaning & Top Up

For most companies, there will definitely be a surcharge when the pickup gets dirty or when the pickup is returned without a full tank. Always make sure you get these two areas checked before you return the vehicle so that you do not get unnecessarily fined.


If you are still unsure what vehicle you require, contact our customer service staff here. They would be able to better advice you on your transportation requirements. Because we have a large fleet of vehicles, from lorry crane rentals to vans specially fitted to transport cargo, we want to make sure you get the best vehicle that is just right for what you need. In this way, you do not have to pay extra.