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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of truck available for rental

Looking for the cheapest moving truck rentals in Singapore. You can find them all at Rentalorry!

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

We have friendly and reliable movers ready to assist you if you need extra help!

Transport Service

Quick and efficient transport service with moving trucks

Transport with a driver, this is the cheapest and most popular option available.

Is your car too small to help create your new home? We all need that one truck to help us move our furniture over before we can start on a new beginning. Well look no further as here at RentaLorry, we have one of the cheapest moving truck rental in Singapore. RentaLorry is established and has a wide fleet of trucks to suit every demand. If you do not feel like messing up your vehicle with large amounts of furniture and many trips back and fro, you can simply rent and use our affordable moving trucks.

Customer Reviews

We needed some extra help for our moving. Hired a truck with 2 movers from Rentalorry. The movers were extremely helpful and because they were experienced they got things going a lot faster than we expected. Saved us a lot of time. Thanks!

Jaden Kang

We need just a small truck to transport a cabinet. The cabinet was quite precious to us so we told the movers to be extra careful with it. They brought it to our new home safely and soundly, thankfully the cabinet was still in perfect condition.


Services Provided

Vehicle Rentals

Want to rent the vehicles to start your own transportation or moving service? We have flexible leasing packages with extremely affordable rates. In addition, we provide comprehensive maintenance and servicing services for our customers to ensure that their moving truck is always in tip-top condition.

Full Service Movers

Let our movers take care of the entire relocation for you. Whether you need home movers or office movers, we have the right team to cater to any need. Just let us know the items you will be moving or arrange an appointment for us to make a site quotation.

Transport Only

One of our most popular services, our driver will just do all the driving while you only need to do the loading and unloading of your cargo. This is one of the most affordable rental options available and you don’t have to worrying about driving and returning the truck!

Why Are Our Prices So Affordable

Being a large and established company, it allows us to enjoy major cost savings since we have many partnerships within the industry. Being well-connected allows us to get the best prices for our maintenance and services, and we would like to share these savings with our customers as our way of saying thank you for choosing Rentalorry.

We take pride in our vehicles, and we ensure that they get the best treatment and maintenance servicing. With well-maintained vehicles, we are less liable to run into vehicle problems and this allows us to carry on with operations smoothly. You will not need to worry about running into truck rental problems and incurring extra costs during your rental! In the event that anything does happen, we will try our best to send a replacement vehicle to you!

Why Choose Rentalorry?

Besides the fact that we offer competitive prices to fit your budget, we also offer different types of moving trucks to suit your needs. Besides the large moving trucks that can be used to move your furniture to the various locations, we have a smaller sized trucks as well. The box trucks are perfect for occasions where your car is not big enough to fit your boxes, but you do not wish to place them in the larger moving van for fear of wet weather conditions. The box trucks are specially designed to protect your belongings by providing sufficient cover, and are also a good option if your boxes are not suitable to be placed among the bulkier items.

We take pride in our work and we want you to get the best service for the price that you are paying. Our drivers are experienced and they will get your furniture to the location safely. Given the effort that we make to maintain our vehicles, you can be rest assured that the transportation will be smooth-sailing and there will not be any hiccups along the way.