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House Moving

Movers assisting with relocation

Cheap movers will not burn a hole in your pocket during your home relocation. Save more money here!

Office Relocation

All documents packed in boxes and ready for movers

Our cheap office movers and years of experience and knowledge in the moving industry. Let us assist you today!

International Moves

Movers loading a sofa onto the lorry.

Moving overseas? Our cheap international relocation services can easily move your belongings worldwide!

The cost of moving from home to home or changing office locations is often quite costly due to the amount of workload and time needed for packing, transporting and unloading the furniture and other items. As such, finding the cheapest movers that can still provide quality services is often a top priority to customers. Rentalorry provides one of the lowest and best rates in town but we are also one of the most highly rated moving services too. Contact us and let us know more about how we can assist you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We saw a lot of cheap movers on online classifieds but we felt dubious about their credibility and reliability. When we spoke to Charlotte from Rentalorry however, she was really professional and upfront about the cost and services provided and that was why we decided to go with Rentalorry in the end. Overall, the service provided was good and everything went well.

Denise Lim

We were looking to rent a cheap mover with small van to help with the furniture moving. We booked the vehicle online very quickly and the driver arrived within 2 hours. Everything went well, we could have gotten a larger vehicle to fit the things in more nicely but other than that everything was okay.


Is Cheaper Better?

Being the cheapest does not mean that we compromise the service quality but rather streamlining and sourcing for the most efficient way of doing things. Depending on the scale of your intended relocation, a lot of planning is done to draft up the most cost efficient moving plan to our customers. Through this process, our movers are able to reduce our own costs and hence make relocation cheaper for our clients as well.

Types Of Services

Simple Appliance & Furniture Moving

From large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines to furniture like wardrobes and sofas, our movers will be able to wrap them up and transport them to your destination of choice. Even though this may be simple items to move, not having the right experience and know-how in moving in properly will definitely lead to injuries and damaged items.

Full Service Movers

In this moving package, we are able to handle entire rooms and apartments. Our full service movers will help to dismantle and pack anything that needs to be moved and we can also help to assemble them at your new place. This service can also be request for commercial relocation and our team will normally go down to do a site quotation to determine the amount of equipment and manpower required.

Tips To Make Moving Even Cheaper!

  • Organize Your Own Packing – Rentalorry’s quality movers are able to help organize and carry out your moving but if you want to save even more money, organize your stuff properly before we arrive! Arrange your items into boxes and label them properly so that you can find your belongings and also unpack more quickly and easily.
  • Get Proper Transport – If you do not have that many items, we can just provide you with the transport. This will definitely save you time and money as compared to using your own car as our larger trucks can easily fit all your items so that you don’t have to make numerous trips.
  • Book Early – Booking and organizing your relocation earlier will give movers and helpers enough time to allocate their resources efficiently.
  • Move On Weekdays – Weekends are normally peak periods where more people want to carry out their moving. That is the reason movers normally charge more on weekends so try to avoid these peak hours.


Rentalorry is your best bet on getting the cheapest movers to help you complete the seemingly impossible task of moving, resettling or relocating between places. Our affordable yet trusted moving services is available to provide our customers with the cheapest options of hiring help and assistance in these areas. Contact us to find out how we can help you.