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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

We provide one of the cheapest van rentals in Singapore. Prices include all maintenance and servicing fees, contact us to get a quote!

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need a cargo van with movers as well? We have cheap and affordable movers available to assist you with your moving and packing.

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

We have a our very own fleet of cargo vans ready to assist you with your logistical operations. Just let us know the type of cargo and frequency of delivery.

Cheapest cargo van rental is what most of our customers who are on a tight budget are constantly search for. If you are looking to save the hassle of seeking quotations from different suppliers, Rentalorry is the perfect place for you. Over here, the large amount of suppliers we are working with allow us to compare different rental rates and can hence offer the cheapest rates for our customers, saving both time and money. From short term van rentals to long term van rentals, you only pay for what you need at the cheapest and most affordable prices in Singapore. With economical rental rates, we also provide the most reliable services for our clients.

Best Deal In Town

Large Economies Of Scale

As compared to smaller vehicle rental companies, Rentalorry offers a diverse range of vehicle rental. These numerous fleet of vehicles allow us to work with plenty of suppliers, as well as taking advantage of the large economies of scale from vehicle insurance and maintenance, saving cost. These low cost are then passed on to our clients, causing our prices to be one of the most budget in town.

No Hidden Costs

Unlike many rental companies, Rentalorry does not carry and additional cost behind our rental rates. By renting from us, the fixed rental rates include the Government Service Tax (GST) and Insurance Premiums. You can thus avoid unnecessary extra charges (as well as nasty surprises) such as:

  • Gasoline charges
  • Extra Mileage
  • Licensing Fees
  • Extra Peak Hour Surcharge

Money Saving Tips

With the cheapest rental rates, it will the most ideal for our clients to save even more based on the tips. Most first timers do not have the relevant vehicle rental knowledge to know what or what not to do. Here at Rentalorry, we are happy to share our money-saving secrets to customers to save them unnecessary fees!

Choose The Right Vehicle

This may sound completely absurd but it can be the most useful tip of all! Know exactly what you need by matching it the main purpose of renting the vehicle in the first place. If you are moving goods for domestic purpose such as moving boxes from your house to your dormitory in university, you will need a vehicle with sufficient space for your belongings as well as space for passengers. If it is going to be a long journey, make sure you have covered shelter for your goods to protect them from bad weather. With the need for sufficient space and covered shelter, a box van would be appropriate. However, if you do not require a 10ft space for your belongings, a cheap mini van would be the most ideal as you do not require such a large space. By choosing the right vehicle for the right purpose, you only pay for what you need. If you are unsure of what is the most appropriate vehicle, seek free professional advice from our Rentalorry team here. Let us know what you need a vehicle for and we will sort it all out for you

Find Out About All The Costs

Different vehicle companies have different rental rates. Some may be cheaper than others, but be wary of the hidden cost behind every rental rate. Always check for:

  • Insurance Coverage –  The “cheap rental fees” you are going to pay for might turn out to be your worse nightmare if you have no insurance coverage for your vehicle rental. There is a chance that vehicle rental companies do not charge you  insurance coverage for that particular vehicle you are renting, hence the cheap rental fees. However, do take note that should an accident occur, be prepared to pay for what you did not ask for. With the the inclusion of insurance, you are able to avoid payment for the damages to the vehicle, provided you are not found guilty of gross negligence. Do check with your supplier on the existing policies they have for their vehicle, and ask for assistance if you need some understanding. Ask questions like how much you will be charged if an accident occurs or what kind of insurance you should get if it is a long term van rental.
  • Cancellation Fees –  While you may not be charged for booking a vehicle rental for a certain period, beware of cancellation fees or termination fees if you terminate the contract prematurely. The high demand for vehicle rentals makes every reservation counts for vehicle rental companies. Every reservation cancelled is another opportunity cost to that particular rental company and you may just be charged for it. Double check with your vehicle rental company if they charge for additional cancellation fees.


For even more cost savings services, we provide cheap one way cargo van rentals to make quick pickup and drop off services so that you need not worry about topping up the fuel after use as our drivers will take care of that for you. Contact us now and we will make sure everything is taken care of for you.