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Looking for a cheap passenger van rental service? Rentalorry has a wide range of passenger vans available for rental. Get a quote here!

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

Let our drivers take care of all the driving and stress for you while you can mingle with your friends in our comfortable and spacious van.

Cheap passenger van rentals are one of the best and most affordable solution for all those people who want to move from place to place in a group. Rentalorry offers a wide range of different varieties of passenger vans to rent from. Aside from the wide variety, we also offer is highly flexible and customizable range of solutions that are cheap and good.

Customer Reviews

We were having some guests and friends over from China and wanted to bring them around Singapore. Meera was extremely professional and tried his best to show us around even though he could not speak Chinese. Will definitely use the service again.

Xian Zhang

Booked the passenger van for my family because we wanted to take a trip to Malacca. The rates were one of the best and Charlotte was really friendly and sincere and that’s why we chose to go with Rentalorry.

Qiu Shui

Reasons To Rent A Cheap Passenger Van

  • For weekends getaway and family vacations
  • To go on short trips with your friends
  • For commercial and business purposes
  • For getting to your home or business
  • For sports teams
  • For church outings, camping trips, business retreats
  • For school trips
  • For other special events

Vans that we offer are roomy comfortable and affordable as the rates and budget are often to top concern of our customers as we want to fulfill their travel needs with the lowest possible rental rates.  At Rentalorry, that is what we aim to offer to our clients. We are known for our competitive pricing and that is also why our clients often come back to us for their van rental needs.

If you truly wish to enjoy the scenery and not be constantly focusing on the road and traffic we also offer the option of hiring a driver. Our friendly and capable drivers and experienced with handling the vans and know the roads in Singapore really well.

We offer a wide variety of passenger vans on rent at all of our locations. We offer our huge range of vans at very cheap prices. Traveling in our vans would be a comfortable ride for the passengers. Depending on the type of van rented, there will also be a huge space for luggage, boxes, over-sized cargo or even a pet rock collection. No matter whether you are traveling with your children or with cargo, our vans will definitely meet your needs.


Clean & Green

We make sure that our vehicles are kept clean and maintained well so that you have a really enjoyable ride. We also make sure that our vehicles are maintained well so that the have lesser emissions and are more environmentally friendly.

Competitive Rates

Because of the efficient management of our vehicles, the are more efficiently deployed and spend lesser downtime. As such, we are able to pass on these cost savings to our clients and hence the more competitive rates.