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Transport Only

Fleet of vans available for rental

Suitable if you have your own manpower and only require the use of our moving vans. The one way transport is one of our most popular services.

Full Service Movers

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

Our house movers will assist you with the packing and transportation of all your belongings that can fit into a moving van.

A cheap moving van rental can definitely cater to all your needs if your are planning to relocate your home or officer. Renting a moving van will be the best thing you do during the entire moving process. Not only can you rent a moving van but you can have a smaller sized van to transport your entire family to your new home.

Before you can do a comparison between the different rates from the different moving van rental companies you will want to know some basic information about your move in order to get an accurate quotation.

Customer Reviews

The movers from Rentalorry were really helpful, the dismantled the bed frame for us and wrapped it quite quickly. At our new home, they were able to assemble everything smoothly and the mattress and bed frame were still in good condition.

Jeremy Ko

We need a moving van at the last minute because we realised that the items wouldn’t be able to fit into our car. Charlotte was very helpful in arranging the transport for us and the driver was punctual and very friendly as well. Thanks!

Aurthur Bing

Factors To Consider


If you only need a one way moving van rental some companies charge my mileage and so it would be good to have a rough idea of the distance so that you can make a more accurate comparison. If you are unable to do so, you can also simply pick a company that offers the use of the van for the entire day.

Amount Of Cargo

Depending on the amount of cargo you have, you will then need to decide how large a vehicle you need. This will definitely affect the rates as well as a larger vehicle would cost more to rent. At Rentalorry, the big van rentals, typically can fit up to a super single mattress or small to medium sized loads.


Understanding the services provided is the next crucial step. What are the services provided and the additional surcharges that you may incur must should be explained clearly so that you do not see your travelling budget unknowingly explode due to charges that were not explained clearly from the start.


Competitive Rates

We are able to provide cheap moving services because we have one of the largest fleet of vehicles in Singapore and we regularly update our fleet of van, lorries, trucks and pickups. Because of this economies of scale, we are able to reduce the cost on our side and pass on these cost savings to our clients. That is also the reason why we have one of the cheapest cargo van services in Singapore.

Variety Of Vehicles

Under the moving van rental schemes, we have a range of vehicles that are able to assist you with your moving. If you are unsure exactly what are the specifications of the van which you require, just contact us, Our friendly customer service would be glad to handle and queries that you have and assist you.

Well Maintained Vehicles & Good Customer Service

Our vehicles are regularly maintained by our own staff so that they are reliable and usable when rented by our customers. In the event that anything does go wrong, our customer service staff are always available to assist you

Alternative Vehicles

If its a major office relocation, a simple moving van may be insufficient due to the amount of files and cabinets that needs to be transported. In the event where you do wish to have additional logistics support, we do have other rental packages available to assist you. Our 24 ft truck rentals or moving truck rentals are typically more suitable for these sort of jobs.