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We provide simple minivan rentals with rental prices covering maintenance and insurance fees. Get a quotation from us today!

Transport Service

Passenger Van Transport Service

We have friendly and experienced driver who can provide transportation services in both Singapore and Malaysia.

Our cheap mini van rentals allow for the transportation of small groups of passengers. For example, simple tasks like shuttling passengers to and from the airport to the hotel or ferrying your guest or tourist around our Singapore town. Our mini vans are just the right type of vehicle for that. Depending on your group size, we have vehicles ranging from 9 seater passenger vans to 15 seater passenger vans.

Customer Reviews

Mr. Foo was a really nice driver, not only did we manage visit the tourist spots that we had planned, he brought to have some famous local food at our request. Will definitely recommend Rentalorry to our other colleagues and friends.

Chris Page

We needed a minivan to travel to Malaysia for a day. Charlotte was very helpful in assisting us and making the arrangements for us.


Advantages Of Minivans

Safe & Comfortable

If you are ferrying a group of more than 5 people, squeezing them into a single car may be cheaper but not a very comfortable solution especially if the journey is long. In addition, because the car is not suitable for more than 5 people, there will definitely not be enough seat belts for everyone. Our mini vans are specially designed for passenger transport and so depending on the size of the group, each passenger would have their own seat. Our vans also have space for your luggage so that they can be stored properly along the journey to give you a more comfortable ride.

Easy To Handle

For drivers who are not familiar with handling a larger vehicle, you will often find that the mini vans are quite easy to handle. With the power steering equipped on a vehicles, you do not need a lot of strength to maneuver the minivans.  For drivers who have a Class 3 Drivers License, you will find that the vans are almost similar to cars.


With the mini vans, you will be able to plan your own schedule and need not focus too much on public transport timings. On top of that, you need not squeeze on the public transport and this is especially important if you are carrying a lot of baggage or are travelling with young children or the elderly.


Cheap & Affordable

Making the rentals cheap and affordable is our main priority and that is normally the focus of our clients as well. Different rental companies offer different rental rates during different seasons, and it may be very tiresome to compare and ask for quotations from all the companies. That is why with our partnership with some of the largest companies in the industry, we are able to compare the rates for you and make the best recommendation and that is the benefit we want to bring to our clients. With us to do the comparison, you can be sure that you will definitely get one of the lowest rental rates in Singapore.

Premium Services

In order to provide the best possible customer service, we make sure that our staff undergo proper training so that they are able to handle customer queries and provide the right type of vehicles for our customers. In addition, our drivers are highly experienced and have spent years handling these sort of vehicles, if you require friendly and capable drivers will make your rental experience a smooth and enjoyable one

Alternative Vehicles

If you do require any vans services with your minivan rental, we are just the right company as well. As we have one of the largest fleet of vehicles in Singapore, we are able to provide multi passenger vans for transportation of larger groups of passengers along with their baggage.