Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of Lorries

Rentalorry has a wide range of cheap cargo vans available for rental. From automatic ones to manuals ones, find them here at good prices.

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Need a cheap cargo van with movers? Our professional movers and packers will help you to properly wrap your items so that they can be transported safely.

Transport Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

Need us to help with all your logistical operations and deliveries? We have a large fleet of cargo vans that can support your operations.

Cheap cargo van rentals are normally used for relocation purposes or quick deliveries by companies. These are a necessity because personal cars are normally not able to properly fit these sort of furniture. You may in turn end up damaging your vehicle or your equipment and we want to prevent that from happening. At Rentalorry, our mission is to provide one of the cheapest cargo van rentals to support your business operations or personal errands without bursting your budget.

Uses & Benefits

Safer Mode Of Transportation

We have a variety of cargo vans like the full size vans or the mini vans that are able to safely transport your furniture and equipment to wherever you want. For even more bulky cargo, we also have box vans available. When using the box vans, organizing the cargo more properly will allow you to stack them up high to reduce the number of trips that you need to make! In addition, these vans would be able to keep your items dry even if there is bad weather along the way.

Cost Efficient

If you use a salon car or SUV, you make need to make several more trips to transport the same number of items as compared to a van. A van would be a cheaper way to transport your belongings or even if you need to make deliveries.

How Do We Do It So Cheap?

Large Fleet of Vehicles

Because we have one of the largest fleet of vehicles in Singapore, we are able to make use of the economies of scale to our advantage. With the efficient use of our inventory of vehicles, our vans have lesser downtime and so we able to pass on this cost savings to our client.

Well Service & Maintained

As the age old adage goes, prevention is better than cure. That is why we have a team of highly experienced staff to make sure that our vehicles are well kept and in tip top condition so when deployed by our customers, they will not breakdown. This reduces the need for us to replace vehicles or compensate clients and that is where we see cost savings as well.

Rental Packages

The cheap cargo vans are available under a few rentals schemes like rentals by the day or rentals by the month. These rental schemes are highly flexible and can be customized to fit each customers needs and requirements, that is another reason how we are able to provide such cheap van rentals. Contact our customer service staff to find out more about the different rental schemes and rates that we offer.