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Vehicle Rentals

Renting a catering truck for your business? Our rentals fees include insurance and servicing fees. Get a quote now!

Transport Service

Rentalorry has a fleet of catering vans and trucks ready to assist you with your delivery operations within Singapore.

Transporting food to an event but do not have the right vehicle to do so? Or planning to start a catering business and require someone to do the deliveries for you? Rentalorry’s catering truck rentals would be just the right vehicle for you. We offer rental and delivery services at extremely competitive prices so contact us and provide us with more information so that we can give you a quote today!

Features & Benefits

Proper food transportation is important because you want to keep it fresh and clean and suitable for consumption. That is also the reason why there are many regulations to following when using a catering truck. Below are a few tips on proper food transportation. For more tips on how to properly transport food, click here to check our AVA’s guide on proper food transportation!

Stainless Steel Cabins

Unlike the normal cargo trucks, Rentalorry‘s catering trucks have their inner cabins lined with food grade stainless steel to prevent physical contamination of the food along the journey.

Specialized Vehicles

Due to regulations, designated catering food trucks can only be used to transport food. The same vehicle cannot be used to transport non-food items.

Different Types of Vehicles

Even if you are transporting pastries and desserts, we have refrigerated trucks to keep the temperature just right for these food items so that they do not turn sour or melt along the way.

Tips On Proper Food Transportation

Maintenance of Vehicles

The trucks should ideally be inspected, cleaned and sanitized at the end of each day to maintain proper food hygiene standards. Vehicles should be properly serviced and maintain as well to ensure they are in good working condition.

Packing Containers

Food grade packing containers should be used when transporting the food to prevent any chemicals from contaminating the food. For example, in the case of hot catered meals, these foods should be transported in insulated containers.


With affordable prices and extremely reliable services, we are the number choice for many of the catering services in Singapore. What distinguishes us is that because we have a large fleet of vehicles, we are able to easily replace your vehicle if you encounter any faults with it. This reduces your operation downtime and give you a peace of mind that your logistics operations are in good hands.