Our Services

Vehicle Rentals

The box vans available from Rentalorry are suitable for the transportation of light cargo, contact us to get a quote!

Mover Service

Movers assisting with relocation

Using our box vans, movers can safely transport your belongings to your destination without worrying about the weather.

Delivery Service

Transportation and delivery service of small to medium packages

Our delivery team will carry out the deliveries for you. Let us know the cargo and frequency of delivery to get a quote.

Box van rentals are often used as transportation vehicles for client’s who wish to move a larger load of goods, supplies or equipment. When you find that your personal car or SUV cannot contain what you want to transport properly, Rentalorry is here to support you with our rental services.

At Rentalorry, our big box vans are mainly used by clients who need to keep their equipment protected from the weather. In addition, unlike the open lorries or canopy lorries, for a box van, if the goods are arranged neatly, they can be stacked up high inside the box van without the risk of them falling out of the vehicle. This allows customers to reduce the number of trips they need to make to transport the goods.

Choosing Rentalorry

Reliable Vehicles

With our very own maintenance crew to supervise the vehicles and ensure that they are maintained well, we want to reduce the probability of the vans breaking down or cause any problems while you are using them. If the event that you do need our assistance, we can provide additional vehicles for a swap.

Competitive Rental Rates

We understand that renting a vehicle is sometimes quite closely so we provide tailored rental packages for our clients so you only pay for services that you require. These cheap van rentals help to keep cost low for our clients and so they continue to want to work with us.

Depending on your rental period, we also have very competitive rates for different time periods. Of course, the longer you rent, the better the rental price and that is why the cheap monthly van rentals is also one of our most popular services.

Contact Us!

If you are unfamiliar with vans, how big they are and what sort of loads they can carry, sometimes it may be hard to determine exactly what sort of vans you need. We understand that at Rentalorry and that is why our customer service staff undergo rigorous training to ensure that they are able to assist you with your queries. From what sort of vehicles are suitable to transport king sized beds to to the height of a vehicle required if you are transporting a tall fridge, our staff would be able to assist you. We even have appliance movers ready to provide a helping hand.

We have experienced customer service staff to assist you on these matters to always ensure that you get the right van for the right job. These saves our client’s money because they do not get unnecessarily big vans, it also saves them time, because they will hardly end up with the wrong vehicle and end up having to make a separate booking. Even if the vans are not suitable, we also have a range of lorry rental services and truck rental services available.

Do not hesitate any longer! With one of the lowest rental rates for cargo vans in Singapore, we are sure you will become a satisfied customer. Rentalorry will end your rental worries.