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Vehicle Rentals

Fleet of vans available for rental

Big vans available for rental. Both manual and automatic vans are available at affordable prices.

Mover Service

Preparing an entire apartment for the house moving services

Our movers will use our very own big vans to transport your belongings swiftly to your new home.

Passenger Transport

Passenger Van Transport Service

If you are going out in a big group, our big passenger vans can ferry you around Singapore and to Malaysia.

Delivery Service

Friendly delivery guy delivering package

Deliveries using the big vans are available for both ad hoc and contract deliveries. Get a quote here!

Big van rentals are suitable for the transportation of larger sized goods. Even if you do have a small van or car, overloading it may damage that suspensions and cause additional wear and tear on the vehicle. That is why getting a vehicle with the appropriate tonnage may cost more, but will eventually save reduce your maintenance cost in the longer run.

Why Use A Big Van Rental

Prevent Damage To Own Vehicle

Each vehicle has its own payload, which is the most weight you can load onto a vehicle safely. If you exceed this, it may become a safety hazard and also damage the vehicle. That is why if you are moving larger items, we need to use a big van. Bigger vans have a larger loading capacity and payload. This would allow you to load your cargo on safely without having to worry about the capabilities of the vehicle.


Our regular customers normally use the vans for events or exhibitions for the transportation of speakers or other equipment. At the same time, the big vans, with their larger cargo space and longer length are also able to support the relocation of homes and offices. If you wish to use it to support your business operations like plumbing and electrical repair services and delivery services, the vans can also be rented for longer periods under our long term van rental schemes. The vans can also be used for the transportation of a larger group of passengers.

Save Our Earth

With the larger loading capacity of the big vans you need to can make lesser trips when making deliveries and transporting a large number of items. Not only does this reduce your fuel cost and save you more money, it also helps to save our Earth. For the more environmentally friendly people, this would definitely be the obvious choice.


Wide Variety Of Rental Schemes

From rentals for only half-a-day to rentals on a weekly basis, we have a wide variety of leasing packages to meet each and every clients’ needs. You only pay for what you need and that is how we try to keep our rental rates low.

One Of The Youngest Fleet Of Vehicles

We try to constantly renew our vehicles so that they are reliable and do not break down when deployed. In addition, we also have our very own experienced service crew maintain our vehicles and keep them well oiled.

Premium Customer Service

Our top most priority is to provide good customer service for our clients. Our customer service staff are well trained to handle and queries that you may have and also provide you with sound advice on the van rental which would better suit your needs. This normally saves the clients money by not renting a van that is much bigger than what they require. In addition, if you encounter any problems during your rental, they will also be there to assist you.[