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Looking for the best movers to help with your home relocation? You can certainly find them at Rentalorry!

Office Relocation

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Office and commercial relocation is not a problem for us. We have professional and reliable movers ready!

International Moves

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The international movers and packers can assist with all your relocation requirements. Get help here!

There are many moving companies in the market and clients are often spoilt for choice. Rentalorry has one of the best movers in Singapore and our professionalism and service quality differentiates our service from many other companies. If you are looking for movers to assist with your relocation and moving, here is a handy list of traits to look out for on your quest for the best moving company and let Rentalorry show you why we have one of the best movers in town.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

Rentalorry provided one of the best moving services we have hired so far. Having moved about 2 – 3 times already, we were still quite surprised by the level of professionalism and speed that the movers had. They took good care of our furniture and belongings and finished the job extremely quickly as well.


We hired only the light truck from Rentalorry because we had friends who were going to help us with the carrying and lifting of the heavy items. The truck arrived early and the driver was also quite friendly because he assisted us with the loading and unloading of the furniture and boxes. Overall it was a pleasant experience.

Tyler Bird

How To Find The Best Movers

Finding the best house movers or office movers can definitely be  tedious process because there are so many moving companies out there to choose from. But below is a short guide which you can use to sift through the companies which may potentially cause you more headache.

  • A good moving company will get as much details about the move as possible from you. Whether your apartment has lift access, how big is your furniture, which day you prefer to move. This will allow them to gauge the type of vehicle required as well the the amount of manpower needed to conduct your move.
  • Good movers will ask to do a site quotation if they feel that you do have quite a few items. This is so that they can properly list the items and issue and accurate invoice. This is one of the most important points as it will prevent unexpected costs from arising on the actual moving day itself.
  • The best movers will have reviews available online. Google and Facebook offer tons of access to reviews about moving companies. Don’t only search about the moving services that the company provides but also find out more about what people who have used their services have to say. This would definitely be a good gauge as to whether the moving company is capable or not.


Our many years of experience in the moving industry have allowed us to know exactly what you need to relocate. Moreover, our packing and moving staff are all well-trained and fully equipped with the skills to help you with your relocation.


Bulky and fragile items are the hardest to move. Our reliable movers will pay extra attention to these items. Bubble wrap, cling wrap or huge blankets must be used to maintain the conditions of items during the transportation process.


We understand that relocation is often quite stressful. The best movers will arrange for enough manpower to help you with relocating and complete it as soon as possible. In addition, because we organize and plan our moves properly, we make sure that everything is accounted for and nothing goes missing during your moving process.

Low Cost

Relocation can incur quite a lot of expenses. From the buying of new furniture to relocation expenses, these may burn a whole in your pocket. As such, our cheap movers will go a long way in helping clients keep their overall relocation expenses to the minimum and that is how we want to help our customers.