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Reliable and efficient auto vans for rental.

Automatic van rentals at cheap and affordable prices. Available for both long term & short term.

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Need some moving assistance with your rental? We have movers and packers ready to assist you.

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Require long term delivery services? We can utilize our own fleet of vehicles and drivers.

Rentalorry’s auto van rental services has a wide variety of automatic vans available for short term and long term rental. We provide some of the most affordable prices in town and we are know for our superb after-sales and maintenance support. The auto vans and panel vans and normally used for the cargo delivery, and provide a smoother ride as compared to the manual vans. To find out more about these automatic vans or to get a quotation, just drop us an email or give as a call! Our staff would be glad to assist you.

What Is An Automatic Van?

In an automatic van, the gearboxes will change the gear of the van without any actions from the driver. The gears will change manually depending on the speed of the van and thus no clutch action is required.

Differences Between Automatic Vans and Manual Vans


Manual vans definitely win in terms of the cost. Manual vans are generally cheaper to buy and rent than their automatic counterparts. In addition, they will also be servicing costs that you need to watch our for. Manual vans are easier and thus cheaper to repair.

Fuel Economy

Manual vans use less fuel than the automatic vans because the automatic vans require more power to work. The differences do vary in terms of the age of the vehicle so that should be a pointer to look out for when choosing the automatic vans for rental.


If you are unfamiliar with driving a manual van, an automatic van would definitely be much easier and less stressful to handle. Automatic vans will be less tiring to drive in the city as well because starting and stopping requires less effort.

How Should You Decide?

In conclusion, the general guideline in deciding whether to get a manual or automatic van would be the sort of driving experience that you want. If you want a less complicated, less involved driving experience, the automatic van would be just right for you. If you want more control over the power, a normal cargo van would work better for you.


Rentalorry is a trusted and reliable brand in the van rental industry because of the services that we provide. We provide one of the cheapest van rentals in Singapore and this is both for short term and long term van rentals. When you work with us, you need not worry about the insurance or maintenance costs because we can take care of all these for you. Wish to find out more about our services? Just drop us a call and speak to anyone of our consultants.