Capable art movers have the skills and ability to move fine art pieces

We provide container relocation and will settle all the necessary paperwork and planning details for you.

Rentalorry’s art movers specialize in moving your art pieces and art-related items to your destination. This includes basic art pieces, canvases, tripods, art-related equipment, palettes and paint. At Rentalorry, we provide a wide range of art moving services, including packing, moving, storage and transport. We have trained specialists who will be able to assist you in this task, making your job a lot more convenient and hassle-free. If you have any queries on our processes, feel free top drop us a call or email and our friendly consultants would be glad to assist you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We had several art pieces and a sculpture that we wanted to move to our new home. Rentalorry sent their movers to do a site quotation and they showed a high level of professionalism. Their quote was a little more than we expected but we decided to go with them. Everything was done quite smoothly, they took a lot longer than we expected but we are happy that nothing was damaged.

Melissa Jones

We hired the movers to help us with some of our furniture and appliances. They were really friendly and also provided us a lot of moving tips so that we wouldn’t have such a headache packing the other stuff. Overall was really satisfied with their service. Would definitely use Rentalorry again.

Felicia Kang

Art Moving Tips

Art pieces and sculptures add a certain level of uniqueness to your house and make it feel a little more like home. However, packing and moving these items can cause quite a headache. Here are some tips that you can use when you are planning to move your art pieces.

  • Large Framed Artwork, Mirrors, and Canvases – Heavy-duty picture boxes work perfectly for this form art pieces. Using masking tape to mark an “X” over large mirrors and glass. This taping method helps to protect the glass by preventing it from shattering. Only use unprinted newspapers or plain brown paper to wrap paintings to prevent the ink from staining the art pieces. Heavy duty corner protectors should also be used to protect the corner of canvases.
  • Small Photographs and Mirrors – These precious memories can be wrapped using using bubble wrap and stored nicely in cardboard boxes. The boxes need to be fully stuffed so that the items do not shift while it is being transported. You can use crashed newspaper or styrofoam peanuts to fill the boxes and keep your art pieces protected.

For larger items like sculptures and antiques, it is always better to get a professional art mover to handle the job as by doing it yourself, you may risk damaging the art piece and even worse, hurting yourself.


Specialized & Catered To Your Art Needs

In moving your items, our fine art movers will first inspect your items to be able to identify which storage items and packing equipment you will need for your items. This range from special crates to store art pieces, or sculptures to boxes to store your canvases and paint items. We also have an organised system in place to ensure the safe moving of your art items, starting with inspection of your items. We will then do very careful packing of your art pieces, and proper storage in boxes, before we transport them to your new location or exhibition site.

Safe Storage and Moving

Our art movers believe that the moving of art pieces is not only about the moving, but also very proper storage to preserve the integrity of your items. We have specially designed boxes and wrappings to make sure your art pieces are not damaged.

Secure Transportation System

When we move your art items, we want to make sure that the transport process is also safe, and you have our guarantee that all of them are safe in our hands with our lorries with world-class safety features. The lorries are fitted with proper suspension systems, and climate control mechanisms to ensure that your art pieces are safely moved with no damage or changes.