Our Services

Full Service Movers

The movers can move all types of household appliances

Let our professional appliance movers handle all the wrapping and heavy lifting for these household appliances so that you don’t strain your back!

Transport Only

Only require a larger vehicle to transport your appliances? Our one way movers service is the most cost-effective and affordable moving service.

Appliances are any machines or gadgets that require electricity or mechanical input that powers them to perform certain functions such as cleaning, cooking, washing, cutting or copying. While appliances can range greatly in size and functions, moving them would require proper skills and expertise, especially when dealing with heavier and larger ones. That is where Rentalorry’s appliance movers may come in handy. Our movers are reliable and professional and will take good care of your appliances while moving them so that they arrive at your new place safe and sound.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We hired Rentalorry to move some ovens and bakery display shelves to our new store. They dismantled and assembled everything perfectly and were able to do it quicker than we expected.

Samantha Cheng

We were looking for someone to move our oven and refrigerator to our new place. We only needed a small van to transport it and Rentalorry was able to transport it at quite a good rate.

Yok Song

Types Of Appliances

Home Appliances

Appliances that can be found in most households are small and easy to handle such as the toaster, microwave, vacuum cleaner and lamps. However, there are also bigger one that require help in moving, such as the washing machine, dishwasher, air-conditioning and refrigerators. These appliances are more complicated with their wiring and sizes which is why professional help may be required. Instead of straining your back trying to move these appliances, just let our appliance movers settle the job for you.

Office Appliances

In places of work and offices, office appliances are also present to help personnel in getting their job done. Most office appliances are bulkier and heavier such as the photocopying machines, paper shredding machines, facsimile machines, printers and scanners. As such, appliances moving services are usually employed to help move these appliances during office relocation.


With Rentalorry, our customers do not need to worry about finding affordable yet professional appliance movers for whatever they wish to move. Our price ranges depend on the type of service you require, from the extra affordable one way movers (where you need to do some moving yourself), to full service movers, Rentalorry provides quality services for every single customer that seeks to work with us.