Whole room of antique furniture that requires moving.

Rentalorry’s antique movers are suitable for the transport of antique furniture and art pieces. Contact us to find out more about our services or get a quote here!

Antiques play a very important part in one’s personal or family life. Be it a painting, a vase or even a piece of jewelry, antiques may have significant sentimental value that represents one’s family history or artistic taste. At Rentalorry, we completely understand how imperative it is for your antiques to be transported safely from place to place. You can have our assurance that our antique movers are experienced enough to deal with all your antiques safely and efficiently. To get a quotation, just drop us an email or give us a call, our friendly consultants would be glad to assist you.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We had an antique cabinet that we needed to move to our new place down the street. We approached quite a few movers but they did not want to take up the job because the cabinet is quite expensive. We spoke to Charlotte quite a few times and they came to our place to do a quotation. The move was a little pricey but we had to settle with them in the end. The move was done quite efficiently and the cabinet was well taken care off. Would recommend them to anybody looking to move their antiques.

Wayne Conner

Antique Moving Tips

As professional antique movers, we know exactly what we need to do to move your antiques safely and protect it from any scratches, dents or damages. However, if you choose to move it yourself, here are some tips you can follow to keep your antiques safe and sound.

  • Use Ample Cushioning – Delicate pieces of porcelain should be wrapped with bubble wrap and placed in cardboard boxes. Ensure that there is no free space in the box so that the pieces do not shift around while being transported. The empty space can be filled with crushed newspaper or styrofoam peanuts.
  • Secure Loose Components – If possible, the antique drawers and doors should be locked. For additional protection, moving parts like the drawers and doors need to properly secured with tape and cling wrap so that it does not swing open.
  • Mind The Surfaces – Damaged surfaces will significantly reduce to value of the antiques and this is especially so for wooden surfaces. Plastic that comes into contact directly with the wood tends to trap moisture that then damages the surface. For wooden antiques, it is best to wrap them with wooden blankets because using the plastic wraps to secure the protection.

These basic tips can help you to safely move and relocate your antique if you plan to do it by yourself. But of course, we really expensive antiques, we would still recommend you to use Rentalorry’s antique movers because we have the necessary equipment, skill and knowledge to do so properly.

Rentalorry’s Antique Movers

Extra Care & Attention

Antiques are very important to you and your family, and we understand that. In Rentalorry, we strive to provide the safest transport services for your antiques. A standard system and guidelines are set in stone for each particular type of antique. High-quality padding is use when moving any antique furniture to give extra protection. Glass antiques will be wrapped very carefully to avoid scratches, and all sofas are wrapped with high-quality plastic wraps. This extra care and attention we give to your antiques give us an upper-hand as we can assure you safety for your antiques.

Professional & Reliable

When it comes to moving antiques, our antique furniture movers will take out our white gloves. You can be sure that with our experience and training, we will take good care of your items. In addition, you can be assured that there are no hidden costs when you engage in our services. We are transparent in all our dealings, and this, we believe, is what has allowed us to have so many loyal customers coming back for our services. We are a fully reliable company, trusted by many, and we can assure you world-class quality.