Chinese rosewood furniture ready to be moved

Rentalorry’s antique furniture movers specialize in handling expensive and antique furniture. Speak to our consultants for more information.

Like relics are to archaeologists, antique furniture are valuable not only in terms of price to collectors and owners, they are may also be valuable in terms of sentimental value, historical placing and emotional attachment. As such, when moving or relocating, it is always wise to hire professional antique furniture movers to help complete this task. Rentalorry has a team of professionally trained antique movers who specialize in moving and relocating antique furniture. Let us take care of your antique furniture for you. Call us or email us to book an appointment for a site quotation.

What Our Customers Think Of Us

We had a antique cabinet that required moving to our new place. The cabinet costs about $50,000 and we were really afraid that it would get damaged during moving. We requested for quite a few movers to come down to our house for a site quotation and Rentalorry offered a good price and their movers felt professional. The cabinet was moved quite successfully. There were no damages to the cabinet and we were quite happy with the service. Would recommend them to anybody looking for antique furniture movers.

Vince Ho

Only Choose Professionals


Although hiring specific professionals to help move your furniture may occur to be additional costs, imagine the costs of repairing damaged antique furniture in the hands of unskilled personnel. In some cases, damages to antique furniture during moving may be so extensive there might not be a way to restore them. Even if the damages are not that extensive, scratches or chips may diminish its value significantly!


Antique furniture movers are trained, skilled and most important of all, have ton of experience in handling these delicate, valuable and sometimes cumbersome furniture. With the help of these professional furniture movers, save on the hassle of worrying over the handling of your prized antiques and enjoy their assistance in your relocation.

Moving Checklist

  • Wrapping – Wrapping is the most important step in moving antique furniture. Even though its easier to the furniture movers to handle the wooden cabinets when there is no padding, this makes the furniture susceptible to scratches, bruises or dents. That is why when moving antique furniture, you need to use extra protection like bubble wraps, dolphin foam wraps, cardboard, shrink wraps and extra mover’s blankets. This will keep the furniture properly protected during the move.
  • Taping – Not only should the doors and drawers of the cabinets be taped shut. You also need to properly tape the padding and protection so that it does not burst open while transporting and the movers also get a better grip on the furniture.
  • Remove Glass – If possible, all glass pieces should be removed and transported separately. When moving, the movers will need to grab the furniture tightly, having the glass on the furniture may make it harder to grip and transport.


Rentalorry has a team reliable movers that have over 20 years of experience in moving. Through our years in the industry, we have moved numerous antique furniture and art pieces and have accumulated the experience to do so proficiently and safely. That is also why our customers continue to come back to us for their moving requirements. We are confident of handling your antique furniture with care so give us a call and arrange for an appointment. We would be glad to go down to give you a free site quotation.