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Vehicle Rentals

Need to rent the moving truck for 24 hours? We have just the service for you. We provide rentals at good rates!

Mover Service

Movers moving a cabinet

Need help with the moving? We have a team of movers and packers ready to assist you. Let us know what we can help with!

With our 24 hour moving truck rental service, relocation might not be a hassle after all! Providing you a 24 hour vehicle rental with customer services that is available 24/7, our services ensure that your relocation will be a smooth and efficient process. Whether it is home, office, school or commercial, the location does not matter, you name it, we move it!

The professional movers from Rentalorry are able work through day and night to suit a timing that is best for you. But of course the later the timing, the more costly it would be. Offering you the best one-stop service in town, our company looks to develop services that serve to meet our customers’ unique needs, ensuring a best-fit moving solution for all.

Why Choose A 24 Hour Moving Truck Rental

  • Our 24 hour service translates to an efficient and faster process of relocation
  • Guarantee of appropriate vehicle, ranging for trucks to pickups for moving a wide range of goods, from fragile and brittle products to heavy metal goods
  • Provision of qualified professional drivers and movers
  • Rentals at the most reasonable price you can ever find in the market!

Benefits Of A 24 Hour Rental

Rentalorry’s 24 hour moving truck service offers you the best moving professionals in town at the most affordable rates. Fulfilling every practical aspect of your moving needs, ranging from packing to wrapping, to storing and to the final move, we strive to provide reliable and cost effective services, ensuring the safety of your properties in transit.

Apart from well-maintained vehicles, we have a wide range of commercial vehicles for you to rent from. Our consultancy services can provide you with valuable advice on the type of vehicle to use for your move. In addition, you can rest assure that the men behind the wheels are familiar with the safest routes around town and can get to your destination in the fastest way possible!